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  Irony is the platform for the songs of Dany Hearn and the name of the various incarnations of his band and music. Now firmly based in the UK after a spell in the South of France, Dany continues to write and explore his passion for music with musicians, friends and contacts, new and old.

People often mistake Danyʼs songs for ʻrock classicsʼ they missed first time around. Great, but ʻrockʼ is not strictly accurate considering the diverse nature of the music. Melodic, dynamic, inventive, emotive, angry, happy, sad, honest, weird, you'll hear all manner of influences here, from Dylan through blues, jazz, folk, punk, funk, grunge and beyond. But pop it aint!

Irony plays regular, if infrequent, gigs in the Windsor area. But don't expect to hear the sound of the CDs trotted out live, Irony is very loose, dynamic, constantly evolving and accepting of happy accidents. There are many who prefer to see them live than hear the CDs, and some again who prefer Dany solo.

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