Longest serving member of Irony, Steve lives in Burnham, Bucks and is currently gigging with various bands in the UK, including Jonny B and the All stars and The Skin & Blister Band.

A fluid and inventive player, vastly experienced on 4, 5 and 6 string basses, including fretless, Steve also teaches the instrument and is setting up a recording studio.
A highly experienced, versatile and talented guitarist who brings power
and dynamics to the Irony line-up, Dave has a been with Irony for 7
years. With Dany now in France, he also plays in various groups in the
High Wycombe area.

Spot Dave's driving presence on 'Just a Wrong Number', 'Back on The
Streets Again' and 'Something Missing' fron the 'Yeah, but...' album.

A sensitive and powerful drummer, Rupert returned to Irony after a
spell with other projects and now plays at all the U.K gigs.

Although only able to play pad drums on 'Yeah, but...' (due to it being
 recorded in the attic of a terraced house!), did stirling work - check out
'Just A Wrong Number'.
Deni has played sax in various Irony line-ups over the years with interludes in other bands. She's recently back from charity work in South America, works now in Romania and pops over for the gigs. Thatʼs dedication!.

Deni is a skilled and enthusiastic player whose compelling stage presence shines through. She can be heard on various tracks from the ʻMedicine Man' album, including the title track, 'Jigsaw Puzzle' and 'Emma's in My Head'.
Superb French pro guitarist, occasionally plays in duos with Dany and
was in the line-up for the open air 'Piano Du Roc' concert in Ganges on
2nd July in Dave West's absence.

Alain plays with a number of French bands and also duos with his
partner Katia, playing mostly English and American pop and rock




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